Flush Nut Truss is approaching its 13th year of producing both aluminum and steel truss for the trade show display/exhibit industry. We also manufacture truss for retail, museum, and theater-oriented applications. Our reputation for producing quality truss at fair prices keeps us growing. Enlarged and improved manufacturing facilities plus additional manpower help us respond to your needs rapidly. With new machinery, Flush Nut Truss is now capable of producing curved truss pieces in our own manufacturing plant. Our company continues to grow, but also takes pride in the fact that your custom needs can be met. If our catalog doesn't show the pieces you need, we would be happy to provide a quote for the items you require. We can also get your truss powdercoated in a variety of colors.

If you would like to receive our catalog and price list, please click here! You can also reach us at the following:

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Our patented Flush Nut Connection system provides a smooth, almost invisible connection. The Flush Nut connector is also quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Cross-section showing nut
and screw assembled

Patent No. 5,078,0534

This page provides the styles and specifications of our standard truss pieces.


Basic Styles and Sizes

  1" Dia. Tube
1.5" Dia. Tube
Box Truss
Triangular Truss
Flat Truss
Accessories:  Adapter Brackets, Base Plates, Wall Plates


Truss Load and Span Specification Charts

The calculations and tests made for the load and span charts in this catalog apply only to certain conditions at the given time. Variances in span or other conditions may change the allowable load. USE THE LOAD CHART ONLY FOR GENERAL REFERENCE. WHENEVER SPECIAL CONDITIONS EXIST, PLEASE CONSULT WITH FLUSH NUT TRUSS TO EVALUATE TRUSS SPAN AND LOAD CONDITIONS FOR THE GIVEN APPLICATION. Our obligation with respect to material found by us to be defective by us shall be limited to replacement or repair and in no event shall we be liable for transportation, to or from our place of business, installation, adjustments, or any expenses or damages which may arise in connection with such material nor for damages for loss of use, and the foregoing shall be the purchaser's sole remedy hereunder. NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND IS MADE, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

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